Friday, November 20, 2009

Battle of the Bands

November 14th.

The Iso Principle put up a good fight with our fellow competetors. I've never seen Muse so packed. We rocked out pretty hard even with our Guitarist getting food poising :s feel better Joey. Our old bassist Nick helped us out, we're very grateful he was willing to play. He brought up a few laughs at the end of the show as he melted off the stage. EJ sounded beautiful as always with her Vocals and excellent Keyboarding skills. Mindy June's cello was finally heard! We've been having issues with getting the Cello loud enough. Thanks to Chad for awesome drumming.

Unfortunately we didn't pull enough votes to win for the night, but we tried our hardest. We've been working on some new songs! Our two new recorded songs should be out soon, stay posted. And last but not least our current goal: Velour. We are trying to play at that venue, maybe as an opening band. I'll let you know when our next shows are coming up. Thanks for your support! I'll post some pictures soon!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Band Practice

This is us!
Chad( and the beat up drumset)
Archie and Mindy June
This is Joey and one of our Groupies

Practice went great tonight!
EJ and Mindy June got to work on the slow songs and even started jamming to some new stuff.
Joey showed up to join in the Jam session.
Chad let us know that we have fans in Idaho! Road trip anyone?
Archie is the newest member of the group, replacing our old bassist.
He is doing a great job at learning the songs and we are so glad he's part of the group!

We're looking forward to tomorrow nights show because we've decided to try a little experiment. We are going to try and create a 'band image'. I'll post pictures of what we come up with as well as some video from the show!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Iso Principle!

We happily introduce our new blog! We are a local band based in the provo/orem area. Band members:
EJ Lead vocals/Keys
Joey guitar
Archie(newest member) Bass
Chad on drums
Mindy June on Cello
You can find our music on itunes, and we sell them at the shows we play. We are releasing two new songs within the next few months!
Upcoming accoustic Show
Friday, October 23rd
Spark Restaruant Lounge
86 N University Ave Provo
Time: 10:00 PM

Stay tuned for upcoming shows and pictures!